Dick F - Bertha, MN

(Avid deer hunter who has field dressed more than 100 deer in his lifetime) "My son bought me one as an early Christmas present.  After using it, I won't be caught hunting without one.  One of the best gifts ever!  Once attached the deer is stable.  No one is in your way and you can move around easily.  Pelvis area is very accessible and when your finished the blood is in the body cavity, not all over your boots and pants.

Craig F - New London, MN

"I shot 3 deer last year and I used the Guttin' Buddy on every one of them!"

Scott F - Andover, MN

"Efficient and easy to carry, no reason not to have a Guttin' Buddy.  Fits in your back pocket and strong enough for the biggest of bucks.  Saves me time compared to finding the two perfect trees to tie up on."

Mike L - Spokane, WA

"I'm a bow hunter, so I normally hunt alone.  Guttin' Buddy is like carrying a second set of hands into the woods.  It makes the hard part of a successful hunt, so much easier."

Dylan - Henning, MN

"It worked just like they said it would!"

Dustin B - Winnipeg, Manitoba

"I was the first to get one.  The whole group will probably have one next year."